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Resolution Resource will...

  • Protect Your Workplace From Lawsuits    
    Resolution Resource provides you with protection from expensive, time consuming lawsuits by ensuring that your company has an effective procedure in place for employees to report their concerns such as harassment, discrimination, environmental and safety problems.
  • Build Employee Confidence
    Resolution Resource hotline provides a neutral third party to whom your employees can report their concerns. Taking it "out of the office", eliminates the "intimidation" factor and at the same time shows your employees that you respect and support them.
  • Secure Your Company Labor And Employee Expertise
    Resolution Resource is operated by experienced former labor and employment attorneys. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist your company with its workplace investigations or to conduct them for you. We know the questions to ask, how to ask them and how to document employee complaints in anticipation of litigation. We can also assist your present counsel and serve as valuable witnesses for your company in the event of trial.


  • What is Resolution Resource?
    Resolution Resource is a complaint intake service offering employers a cost effective way to eliminate expensive employee lawsuits. Resolution Resource provides a 24-hour, 7 day per week on-line and toll free hotlines for your employees to report their workplace concerns such as harassment or discrimination. That way, you hear about the problem from us rather than the EEOC, a state agency or their personal attorney.
  • Why is a hotline needed?
    The Supreme Court has ruled that employers must have effective procedures in place for employees to report workplace concerns. Employees failing to utilize an employer's effective procedures may be prevented from pursing their claims in court. However, employers failing to maintain effective procedures may be held responsible for the harassment or discrimination of an employee even if they didn't know about it.
  • What do we do after the complaint is reported to us?
    Once your employee registers a concern, Resolution Resource immediately directs it to your designated company representative so that you are aware of the concern. Resolution Resource then becomes your specialists in handling the situation. From custom investigative kits to providing phone advice to supplying an investigator, we can be there every step of the way to help resolve the situation and keep your company stable through the process.
  • Who has access to the complaints filed by employees?
    Absolutely no one, other than the company representative you designate will get contacted when an employee concern is filed. Our computer systems, files and our member directory are completely confidential.

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